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The Utili-Kilt

November 28th, 2007 by · 6 Comments

The holiday season quickly approaches, and our goal for this season is to allow you to get all your gift giving ideas from the RiffTrax Blog.

The first gift idea we have for you is The Utili-Kilt. Once belonging exclusively in the wardrobes of high school kids who really wanted to look back on a part of their life with regret, the kilt has now exploded onto the fashion scene, thanks in no small part to the versatile and stylish nature of the Utili-Kilt.

Workman’s Utili-Kilt
The Workman

Spartan Utili-Kilt
The Spartan

Tuxedo Utili-Kilt
The Tuxedo

Leather Utili-Kilt
The Leather

Shockingly ranging in price from $110 (the Spartan) to over $600 (the leather), there’s no better way to say “This joke gift could have easily bought you something really, really awesome instead.” We will have to speculate about the identity of the torso-less model, but I feel comfortable saying that I am 90% certain that it is Quentin Tarantino.

Quentin Tarantino
Director, Writer, Utili-Kilt Spokesmodel

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