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Welcome Myspace Readers

November 28th, 2007 by · 10 Comments

Welcome, that is, if you actually came to check it out. If not, you are welcome. But not in the same way. The welcome offered to those who actually bothered to stop by is a far richer, more sincere welcome. It is the difference between Furtwangler’s historic 1943 recording of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and the 1976 disco release A Fifth of Beethoven by Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band. Or, to put it another, slightly less annoying way, the difference between a nice beer marinated Kosher skin-on wiener and a cold fat-free Oscar Mayer hot dog.

(By the way, I had thought to include a nice photo of a skin-on wiener for you, and I had already typed “wiener” in the image search when a small voice in my head warned, “Mike? Remember what happened last time you went on the internet and did an image search for ‘wiener’? Put the keyboard down, Mike.” Whew. Wiener image crisis number 37 narrowly averted.)

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