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Another Failed Scheme

November 29th, 2007 by · 3 Comments

The most recent Scheme that my friend Greg convinced me to participate in was to make videos for his friends TV show. A former co-worker had started working on a new TV show which essentially sounded like America’s Funniest Home Videos for the internet. Not an original idea by any means, and a show I would never watch unless in I was in some sort of waiting room, but they were paying FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS if they used your clip on their show. In theory, this meant that they would find hilarious clips which existed already on the internet, and pay the creators once they tracked them down. But if you were to create your own video expressly for the show, nobody would be the wiser.

I came up with a sort of clever idea for a three minute satire, that would require a bit of camera trickery and fancy editing. No dice, we were told. Keep it less than thirty seconds, and as low brow as possible. So we came up with two very silly, low brow videos and sent them off to the friend. They were scheduled to run on episode five of the show, upon which point we would be paid our thousand dollars.

The show was canceled three days before it aired. No money. No appearing on the CW network. Only one of those things is a good thing in retrospect.

But here is one of the videos we made. It helps to have seen the original:

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