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Dancing Mickeys

November 29th, 2007 by · 3 Comments

My family is taking a vacation to Rome in three weeks. The sights to take in will be numerous: The Sistene Chapel, The Spanish Steps, The Colosseum. My mom is quite excited about the spots she secured on a tour of St. Peter’s tomb that she describes as “Highly Coveted”. My agenda begins and ends, however, with one thing: The Bootleg Dancing Mickeys.

I saw these things on every street corner when I went to Italy close to a decade ago. They are the Calvin Peeing bootlegs of Italy. They truly are mindblowing. They of course do not work once you bring them home, and even though I know that they somehow use wires to perform their hypnotic dance, I still can’t figure out how exactly they work. Or why you can’t buy them here. Or why they haven’t branched out into more varieties of cartoon characters to corner the collectors market. If you have any answers, or want to start an importing business, please leave a comment. Enjoy the video of them in action:

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