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RiffTrax Live in San Francisco

December 11th, 2007 by · 10 Comments



I still remember my first It’s-It. I had it for breakfast one morning on Fourth of July weekend, 2005. Other than embracing surly steroid abusers with a passion usually only displayed in Times Square on VJ-Day, they are perhaps the greatest San Francisco tradition of them all.

The It’s-It is as delicious as advertised. It wards off scurvy. It’s guaranteed not to melt in your pocket during the big meeting. The It’s-It had no involvement in the Star Wars Holiday Special, because it was too busy finalizing negotiations to get Led Zeppelin back together. Evangeline Lily, Keira Knightly and Jessica Alba may have at some point in time eaten an It’s-It. They come in four delicious flavors. They contain no flaxseed oil.

And despite the impressive list of made up credentials, the It’s-It is not the greatest thing about the city of San Francisco. I’ll pause for you to clean the spit take off your monitors…It has been replaced by RiffTrax Live.

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Yes, RiffTrax Live, that delightful evening that puts the “semi-regular” in Semi-Regular Event, is returning to the San Francisco Sketchfest for a night of laughter. Mike, Kevin and Bill will be riffing Ed Wood’s immortal Plan 9 From Outer Space, aka, the movie that Jerry and the Gang missed while waiting in the Chinese Restaurant. It’s going down on January 17th at the Castro Theater. I went to the first RiffTrax Live event back in January, and without a doubt, the fun I had that evening was one of the top two highlights of this year (the second highlight being when I was not fired the day after the performance.)

Tickets sell for a mere $25 dollars, can be pre-ordered at the Sketchfest website, and best of all, can be purchased by non-George Lucas employees! So what are you waiting for? Eat three It’s-Its! Mark your calendars!



Plan 9 director Ed Wood in drag

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