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You are NOT alone.

December 27th, 2007 by · 15 Comments

“It’s not fair,” we’ve thought.

“In this world where people have truly horrendous ways of spending their free time… where the most ghastly things are gathered, catalogued, obsessed upon, even fondled… why is my hobby considered so freakish? It’s innocent, it’s fun, and by god, it’s colorful!”

I’ve often had that very monologue running through my head, give or take a preposition. …You too? I thought so.

Well, we need hide no longer, friends. We Banana Sticker Collectors are finding each other, thanks to the so-called “Internets.”


    A friendly anthropomorphized banana. Symbol of good in the world.

There’s strength in unity. Stand strong, fellow Banana Sticker Collectors. And stay alive, no matter what occurs! We will find each other. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far*, we will find each other!


(*Actually, the last big Banana Sticker Collectors convention was in Munich, Germany last year. Too far. But… perhaps next time, we will find each other, and… all that!)

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