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You…shall not…PASS!

December 29th, 2007 by · 19 Comments

…Unless you’re on a Segway.

The brilliant Sir Ian McKellen, a wonderful actor and our very own Gandalf / Magneto — NOT Cerebro — this can’t be stressed enough* — was recently in Minneapolis performing the title role in KING LEAR at the Guthrie Theater.

(Yours truly has been an acting company member at the Guthrie, so I guess you could say that Sir Ian and I are professional peers. In a sense. If you ignore my lack of fame and talent, and the fact that the only sort of Knight I could ever hope to be is “of Columbus.”)

Anyway, while in the Twin Cities his Sir-ness took a little Segway tour of downtown Minneapolis, and someone snapped this picture below. It’s reprinted with permission of the website whose name is splayed across Sir Ian:


Personally, I think the Segway would have been a tactical advantage on the Bridge of Khazad Dum. It might have temporarily flummoxed the Balrog, giving Gandalf time to summon more of the power of the Flame of Anor, which could have allowed him to —

Oh dear god, what have I become?


(* Or perhaps it can be stressed enough, and has been stressed darn well enough already. Ah, but this has never stopped us from pile-driving a joke deep, deep into the ground, approaching the molten core of the earth….)

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