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Profitable Business Idea

January 2nd, 2008 by · 9 Comments

2008 glasses


I just had an astonishing revelation. Next year will be the last year that we, (we = idiots), can wear the New Years Eve 2-0-0-X glasses. These glasses of course made their debut at the turn of the milennium and have an astonishingly long shelf life, (13 years by my count.) But as 2010 rapidly approaches, the countless factories, (no doubt located smack dab in the American heartland), will be forced to close their doors. This could very well put Oriental Trading Company out of business.

So if you’d like to make yourself staggering amounts of money for the next 90 years, I suggest you think of a way to keep manufacturing novelty glasses that people wear for one night a year and then promptly discard. If nobody can make it happen, we’ll always have the memories and photos to prompt untold levels of scorn from future generations.



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