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Move over Hayden: Newest Geek Dream Girl

January 3rd, 2008 by · 6 Comments

I am curious what the conversation went like when the below girl was asked to model the WordPress Hoodie, now being advertised on a WordPress dashboard near you. She now undoubtedly joins the ranks of Claire Bennett, Buffy and Princess Leia in the gold bikini in the ranks of lusted after Geek Icons.

hoodie model 1

Alicia: Hello? Is this the person that’s been calling me and hanging up for the past half hour?
Kurt: (hangs up)

[Ten minutes pass]

Kurt: HithisisKurtandI’minyoureconclass andiworkforaplaceandyourereallypretty andwouldyoumaybewanttobeamodelforus?
Alicia: Well, I guess I could do it. I’ve always wanted to jump start my modeling career!
Kurt: (Gulp)
Alicia: Who do you work for?
Kurt: WordPress
Alicia: Ooh…Sounds hot. What is that, like an underwear company?
Kurt: [faints]
Alicia: I’m gonna be a model!

[48 hours pass]

Alicia: Hello? Blogs? No, I’ve never heard of blogs, why does everyone keep asking me that?! No I don’t want to be on a panel at “Comic Con”, what the hell is “Comic Con?” Where did you get my number? It’s posted on the Something-what forums? You’re outside my where? Augh!!!!!!

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