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Bonesaw is ready…

January 25th, 2008 by · 41 Comments

…to say “thank you, friends.”


I really appreciated the great comments in my recent post here. There are some excellent writers on this site. Also some very odd people… which means I’m in the right place. Among my own.

If you haven’t read the comments by your fellow Rifftraxians, give yourself a treat and check them out. Some hilarious posts there.

A few wee items:

1) My wife took some pictures at our live show in San Francisco last week. I’ll post a couple after trying to resize them to more reasonable dimensions. Really, no one needs to see our pores. Yecchh.

2) Sometime over the weekend I will be posting the most controversial Rifftrax blog entry in history. That’s right — in history! Lord help us all. I humbly request that you tremble in fear, anticipation, and mild tingliness (don’t go too far with this, please) in the meantime. If you’re not up for all that, well… just click on when you can.

3) Please don’t pirate people’s work. Our work, that of our seafaring friends, or anyone’s for that matter. It makes it a whole lot less likely that you’ll see more work, from any of us. I know I’m mostly preaching to the converted on this site, so please excuse my moralizing. I also know there’s lot of complicated stuff to be worked out on this newfangled interweb, especially regarding ownership and copyrights. But if people can’t make a living creating stuff, it won’t hang around for long. It really is that simple.

/ sermon.

Back to what’s really important. In short: Bonesaw.


Thanks again for making this a fun place to be. Bonesaw and I join together in saying…

HEY FREAKSHOW! You’re going nowhere….

…Except our hearts.

Enjoy your weekendses.

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