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I… have nothing for you.

January 29th, 2008 by · 30 Comments


But since Kevin and Mike posted their magnificent mugs on the blog today, I was feeling a little left out.

My visage is dangerous to look upon unless tempered with a soup├žon of cuteness, though. Hence I’m accompanied by my daughter Molly, Supreme Commander of the Allied Phantom Dog Armies.


Oh yeah, and it’s insanely cold here, as you can see from our Fargo-wear. And I just finished a pot of capybara poop coffee.

Tomorrow I’ll post something with an actual subject. Conor has asked me to judge Keanu Regional Round 1 in the Most Awesome State Quarter competition.

So if you’re a strong home-state partisan of Maryland, Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, New Jersey, Arizona, Rhode Island, Michigan, or Idaho, get those bribes in pronto. (I’ll accept cash, warm clothing, and any kind of coffee that’s been excreted by an animal, real or mythical. No, New Jersey, I don’t need anyone whacked.)

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