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Sure, You’ll Eat My Skin…

January 29th, 2008 by · 44 Comments

But will you drink this!?

Poop CoffeeYes, what you see me holding is the infamous Kopi Luwak, or “Cat Poop Coffee”. A caring friend, knowing that I am something of a coffee nut, thought I might like to try some that had been passed through the digestive system of an Asian mammal. And boy, do I ever.

But far be it from me to hoard this treasure. If I am going to enjoy a hot cup of civet feces emulsion, then by golly, every member of the RiffTrax staff should have the opportunity to do so as well. So tomorrow I will brew it up in my vacuum pot, the better to retain the essential, um, oils and flavor additives courtesy of Paradoxus hermaphroditus’ anal glands. And the Rifftrax staff will be on the receiving…end. I’ll report back.

(Click the photo and you’ll get a better view of an actual civet dropping lovingly encased in Lucite. The box contains a [blessedly] small sample of the roasted final product.)


A-ha! Turns out my coffee made from the feces of the Asian Palm Civet contains a lot less Asian Palm Civet feces than you might expect.

The relevant quote, from University of Guelph food scientist and adjunct Prof. Massimo Marcone:

“As a food scientist, I’m skeptical that anything being in contact with feces is safe,” says Marcone. “But tests revealed that the Kopi Luwak beans had negligible amounts of enteric (pathogenic) organisms associated with feces.”

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