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Poo Coffee Follow-up

January 30th, 2008 by · 55 Comments

kopi luwak

This morning, I brewed and served the Kopi Luwak to RiffTrax and Legend staff. Some actual quotes from those brave enough to drink it:

“That was some good s**t!”

“…Smoother than the poop it was pulled from.”

“A unique aroma and a rich, earthy flavor make this a coffee I’m not quite sure I’d ever want to drink again.”


For my part I thought it was the best animal excreta I’ve ever tasted, and a pretty decent cup of coffee. Like a Sumatra, only less funky. (A coffee geek explanation of why Sumatra coffee is funky after the jump.)

Glad you joined me for this coffee geek out: Sumatran coffees are funky due to the lower altitude growing region, the distinct strain of Arabica, and, probably most importantly, they are generally dry-processed. That is, the fruit of the coffee cherry is dried before being removed, as opposed to the wet processing method where the cherry is either fermented in water and removed, or scrubbed off by machine and rinsed.

Now, on to the serious question of just what in the heck is wrong with Carrot Top’s face?

carrot top8

Anyone have any idea? Is he actually a zombie clown? Is it Lucille Ball? Is his eye liner clashing with his hair?

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