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February 4th, 2008 by · 44 Comments

Since we have more bacon-related posts and references than the average site (evidence: here, here, here (sorta), and here [last paragraph]), I thought it was high time for a little synergy.It seemed especially fitting since the Rifftrax Blog’s original purpose — the promotion, discussion, and general appreciation of HATS — has become a bit lost.


Questions for you, readers:– Is it time to retire from the blogroll?

— What other worthy sites should be served up on our roll, perhaps slightly warmed, and accompanied by a lemon-garlic aioli?

I’ll choose ONE honorary blogroll recipient for the month of February to the person who makes the best case for that particular site. Needless to say, it should be a halfway decent, (1) non-porn-y site which is (2) not a shrine of appreciation to Larry Hagman and — dear Lord, please! — (3) not a combination of the sites disqualified in (1) and (2). Beyond that, pitch me any site which you think has earned its place on the right, there. ———>



It’s the bacon (for dogs, yes, yes, we know that) that has the flavor of bacon AND the flavor of cheese!

Is it really just for dogs…?


Let’s not forget the Medieval scholar and monk version:

Roger Bacon

Nor can we neglect the troubled 20th century Irish painter:

Francis Bacon Self-Portrait Study 2

Really, Bacon is so versatile! And remember to blogroll its fond companion.

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