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My gift: a relaxing meditation for you.

February 11th, 2008 by · 28 Comments

So many of us go through our days racked with stress, fear, and endless, unproductive thought-loops. A gentle, affirmative meditation can help to relax the mind, soothe the soul, and leave you feeling more connected to your body.

Out of appreciation for my friends here at Rifftrax, I’d like to share a very personal meditation. I created it myself, and it’s been a real life-saver when anxiety has overtaken me. It uses a lot of nature imagery, which I think is very comforting on the deepest subconscious levels, in terms of our primal sense of shared humanity and being-ness.


    Meditating on images of nature can help lead one towards serenity.

This meditation is very simple: just get yourself into a quiet space, find a comfortable position for you, and repeat the following to yourself for anywhere from 10 – 20 minutes (more as needed):

    “I am relaxing.
    Waves of serenity are flowing over me.
    A soft, comforting breeze is blowing around me, through the open window.
    Birds gently chirp outside. Boll weevils munch contentedly on the crops.
    I am starting to feel at peace.
    Thoughts pass through my mind, but don’t bother me. My muscles are uncoiling; un-tensing.
    One boll weevil comes through the open window. It makes its way to me.
    It is the boll weevil of serenity.
    I let go all of the worries of the day. This is not forced; it’s a simple letting-go. Easy.
    The boll weevil crawls on my neck, urging me to relax.
    The hustle and bustle of my outer life don’t matter right now. Peace is all that matters.
    More boll weevils are soon upon me, as well. They are serene in themselves.
    “Relax,” the boll weevils say, as others join them.
    “Relax.” “Let go.”
    Be in the moment. Nowhere else. Be here. Be now. Be with the boll weevils.
    As their numbers grow, and as they cover every inch of me in their swarm of good intention, the boll weevils give me instructions.
    I receive them, becoming one with the boll weevils.
    I am relaxed.
    I am relaxed and ready.”

Just repeat this to yourself as often as you need. Read it from a piece of paper if you don’t have it memorized yet… but know that the goal is to commit this to memory eventually, so you can do this meditation anywhere.

In any case, DO NOT PARAPHRASE the text of the meditation. Not in the least. I really can’t stress that enough.

Wishing you all deep relaxation, and the warm glow of affirmative self-realization.


    Peace is within us all. NAMASTE, friends!

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