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ResembleFest Update

February 12th, 2008 by · 20 Comments

After my stunning declaration that I am not now nor have never been Canadian frontman Randy Bachman, the images of people who don’t remotely resemble me in any way have been rolling in. ResembleFest (I created that title) is underway! Hundreds (dozens) of you have sent in images of people that you certainly don’t think look like me, and I’ll try like hell to prove that for the top selections. Here’s an example to illustrate what ResembleFest (the word that I created, mind you) is all about:

kevin carlin

Thanks to Ninjew and Chaos (not their real names, God willing) for contending that I look nothing like George Carlin, and even with my best efforts, disembaldening and enhugenating my forehead, dammit, they’re right!

I’m off to San Diego to help lay down some new Rifftrax this week, so we’ll be taking your suggestions all week here at ResembleFest (a term I heard somebody else use, then I invented it). Next Wednesday, February 20th, I’ll post the top five (George is already one of them) and pick an all-round winner. So keep those resemblances coming folks, and remember, none of ’em look a damn thing like me!

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