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Minnesota State Quarter Scandal

February 13th, 2008 by · 26 Comments

After a rather excessive amount of moaning concerning Minnesota’s loss to Arkansas yesterday I did some soul searching. Had I really underrated the serene beauty of the Minnesota quarter? Was I just swayed by the allure of the giant floating space bling on Arkansas? So I did a bit more research and discovered that the bird on the Minnesota quarter is a Loon. Specifically, it is THE Loon from the Canadian dollar, aka the Loonie. And not even the same bird posing in a different manner, say a classy “wings raised as it prepares to take off in majestic flight” No, it is the exact same image of the exact same loon. Either there’s a lack of originality that comes from a shared border, or a more sinister plot to get everyone confused and clog our toll booths and vending machines with Canadian dollars.

Minnesota Loonie

So, Minnesota’s State Quarter has a scandal on its hands. Its performance against Arkansas is stricken from the record, it is barred from all State Quarter tournaments for the remainder of the decade and loses all its scholarships. On the plus side, if it needs any advice for how to deal with the situation, it can just phone up the University of Minnesota basketball program.

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