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Nobody wants to be a Mr. Bungle….

February 23rd, 2008 by · 37 Comments


…except these guys:


These guys are, in fact, Mr. Bungle.

In honor of Rifftrax releasing our new short “Lunchroom Manners,” starring the rudest, most aggressive puppet in history (pre-1988, anyway), Mr. Bungle — here’s the band named for him.

If you don’t know this band, well… that they’re not for every taste. But what worth anything is, really? Besides bacon?

…And if you don’t like bacon, DON’T weigh in here. Just a bit of advice for self-preservation. You’re in enemy territory, and bacon senses your fear.

Riffing shorts is officially the best part of this job.

(“Job” sounds weird though. “Vocation?” “Hobby?” “Gigantic winding road taken to avoid adulthood?” <---- WE HAVE A WINNER!!!) + + UPDATE: So sorry, folks! Very thoughtless of me. I forgot:


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