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Oscar, Oscar, Oscar.

February 24th, 2008 by · 35 Comments


My wife thinks it’s odd that I’ve been indifferent to the Academy Awards over the years, given that I’m in The Biz, at least technically.

Guess I’ve just never forgiven them for neglecting BILLY JACK. What a travesty! Billy Jack knew a LOT more karate than Dances With Wolves did. A lot more, friends. Dances With Wolves had to rely on guns, and also Billy Jack was a halfbreed Indian whereas Dances With Wolves was just a white guy pretending to be one! So… you can understand my pain.

But I’m trying to get over it. I’ll be keeping up with the proceedings this year, in order to be more conversant in things Oscar when I “take” “meetings” out in “Hollywood” this year. I’m TiVo-ing at this very moment. Science!!

Use this thread to talk about all Oscar-y things: predictions, post-mortems, fashion cattiness, bitter diatribes, cheerful diatribes, and haikus about William Hurt.

My prediction? THE ENGLISH PATIENT might just run the table this year, folks!

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