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Arnold Regional Semi-Final

February 25th, 2008 by · 18 Comments

Four coins are left in the Arnold Regional. Which two will move on? Follow all the previous action here.

Arnold Regional Round 2

washington vs kentucky

Kentucky has made a decent run for a rather mundane quarter, based pretty much entirely on my enjoying the quirky quote marks around the phrase “My Old Kentucky Home.” Going up against the laws of perspective, however, their run is going to come to an end. We’ve all had the nightmare where The “Big Mouth Billy Bass” we were given as a gag gift eight years ago wrests free of it’s fake wood mount, grows larger than a mountain and performs a wriggling rendition of “Take me to the river” before smiting our entire state. But Washington took it upon themselves to act as the canary in the coal mine and warn everyone about the threat on their State Quarter. Even if it is just so once it happens, they can gloat and say “I told you so”, if even one person is prepared for the menace of giant singing, dancing fish, Washington’s quarter will have done its job.

Winner: Washington – You know the other song the Big Mouth Billy Bass sings? “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Think of me while you’re humming it to yourself later tonight.

kansas vs illinois


Winner: Illinois – Unless Kansas’ bison were to proclaim the superiority of San Dimas High School football, (in quote marks), he is no match for the recognizableness and impact of Lincoln, be it Hard Drinkin’ or not

Arnold Regional Semi-Final

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