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Keanu Regional Semi-Final

February 26th, 2008 by · 25 Comments

We narrow down the final two State Quarters in the Keanu Regional. Catch up on all the previous matchups here!

Keanu Regional Round 2

alaska vs arkansas

Arkansas is confident. They remain the last of the truly “Abstract” state quarters in the running for the title. But a quarter can only get so far on its weirdness alone. At some point in time, you’re going to have to put some substance behind it. I still don’t know the story behind the Arkansas quarter, and probably never will. It’s a quarter told by an idiot, full of bling and birdies, signifying nothing. I do know that out of all the State Quarters, Alaska’s is the one most capable of frightening small children, especially if you build a live recreation of it in their Little Tykes playhouse in the backyard. They might actually enjoy a recreation of the Arkansas quarter, and nobody wants that.

Winner: Alaska – Arkansas exits, pursued by a bear

new jersey vs north dakota

Bison, for all their glory, majesty, and embodiment of the American frontier, cannot be used to make bacon. This rendered them useless to George and his merry band of patriots on the New Jersey quarter. In theory though, the New Jersey quarter is still capable of eating the North Dakota quarter, however disgustingly bacon-free it may be. When one quarter can eat the contents of another quarter, it becomes easier to pick a victor. Though North Dakota won’t move on, it has made its “twice as good as Kansas” status known to the rest of the nation, and that’s really all it was hoping for during this contest.

Winner: New Jersey – Those patriots on the New Jersey quarter are minutes away from killing a bunch of guys. The fact that they’re bad guys is just icing on the cake. Awesome.

Keanu Regional Semi-Final

*UPDATE* New Jersey’s victory comes despite the fact that Joey Pants, the New Jersey State Quarter’s Ashley Judd-esque superfan, was unable to attend the contest due to a conflicting meet and greet with fans: Joe and fan

He perked up after learning of the outcome via text message

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