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Peace be with us all. IS THAT ALL RIGHT WITH YOU?!

February 26th, 2008 by · 34 Comments

In a recent post, I shared a beautiful — and very personal — meditation for inner peace.

I got little but grief for my generosity, frankly. People objected to me using nature imagery to put their minds at ease.

This still mystifies me. The boll weevil may be a notorious destroyer of cotton crops, but to the best of anyone’s knowledge it doesn’t feed on the flesh of humans. I mean, please! It seems like a relaxed, and very relaxing insect, to my mind, despite its tendency towards pestilence.

(It’s also held in sufficient regard by the University of Arkansas at Monticello to be their school mascot. I’m in complete synch with that! Good for you, UAM! We boll weevil lovers are in this together.)


    In happier days: a BOLL WEEVIL before it found out it was loathed by the Rifftrax community.

On the other hand, you Haters of Boll Weevils will be gratified to know that the imported fire ants sweeping across the country are causing a real decline in the boll weevil population. Happy now? Yes, you are. Don’t pretend otherwise.

But in my journey towards peace, I realize that I must stay light of heart, and flexible in practice. So I’m trying to serve my community here by developing a fire ant meditation for us all.

And to be honest, I do confess to a certain thrill at the movement of nature in its manifestation as the ruthless, Borg-like red fire ant armies, which march ahead and REND and CRUSH and KILL all… all non-peaceful feelings, in their way.

Stay tuned for some serious serenity…


    Peace be with us all! NAMASTE.


Bill, the peace was overtaking me, total relaxation flooding my body as I visited the Boll Weevil restaurant right here in beautiful San Diego, near beautiful-ier still Point Loma and enjoyed their life-giving and love-giving 1/2 pound steer burger.


(The Boll Weevil, sadly, is closed, as far as I can tell, overrun by fire ants.)


Tremendously Good News!!

Phorid Flies Found in North Texas

Here’s the relevant quote: “This month phorid flies, a natural enemy of fire ants, were found on the county line between Denton and Wise counties…This parasitic fly lays its eggs inside a fire ant worker,” Engler said. “The larvae eats its way into the head capsule and eventually decapitates the ant. It then completes its development in the fire ant’s head and emerges from there fully grown


UPDATE by Bill: That’s fantastic news, Mike. Of course phorid flies have also killed hundreds of thousands of people in N. Texas this week alone, but…still!

Phorid fly meditation now being developed.

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