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A Ringing Endorsement

March 17th, 2008 by · 9 Comments

Veronica BelmontI’m not one to toot our horn around here at Rifftrax (unless it’s a nose flute, but more about that later) but today we received a very nice review from Veronica Belmont, Host of the webcast Mahalo Daily and voted Sexiest Geek of the Year.

This is flattering on many levels. First, as a woman and an unrepentant, self-described tech-video-gaming geek, Veronica demonstrates extraordinary courage. One can only assume that she kicks it on Rock Band, in Solo or Band World Tour modes. Second, she is under thirty, which so few of us around here remain. It’s not that I now consider us cool, but it’s helpful that somebody who is considered cool (to which I would add our own forum members and blog readers, of course) would consider us at all. And as if that’s not enough, Veronica is also a fan of the chili pepper, which is enough for us to provide our own ringing endorsement back.

Thanks for the mention, Veronica. Consider yourself blogrolled. Come riff with us sometime.

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