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Ten Banana Cream Pies Gone Horribly Wrong

March 20th, 2008 by · 12 Comments


The Sesame Street “Falling Baker” counting lesson is certainly a beloved favorite of children of all ages. The dad who decided to recreate it for his adoring children below was right in thinking it would delight him. They seem very amused, and a good time was had by all, his lack of professional stunt training be damned.


But much like the gambler who can’t leave well enough alone, he had to push his luck.


Performing an encore a few days later, in front of a much larger crowd (heard advising him against the stunt in the beginning), all looks to be well. But as his description of the video states, “This fall put me in the hospital for a busted ankle and knocked the wind out of me. all for FUN! enjoy” Colorful backstory? I thought so too, until I watched it. Instead of happily pretending to eat the pies like in the first video, he is definitely biting his tongue to hold back some powerful obscenities, what with the whole family watching and all. If you were planning on throwing yourself around the house this weekend to entertain your kids, after these videos you may just want to pop in a Baby Einstein instead.

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