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March 21st, 2008 by · 18 Comments

Evidently, Britney Spears is guest starring on How I Met Your Mother on Monday, March 24th. The star of Crossroads will be sharing screen time with one of our favorite guest riffers ever, Neil Patrick Harris. As illustrated below, the circle of riffing is now complete. There are only two foreseeable outcomes: That Neil rubs off on Britney and she contacts us to put in a self-depricating turn on a riff of “From Justin to Kelly” or something up her alley, or that the reverse happens, and we soon see poor Neil stumbling out of a Texaco bathroom without any shoes on, Cheeto dust trailing from his pockets.

circle complete

As a fun historical note, back on August 29th, 2006, Mike suggested doing Crossroads as a RiffTrax. I wrote a list of reasons that I thought it was a good idea: “A) attractive ladies, B) a different genre to switch things up, and C) a lead who has to be at her absolute lowest point as a target for universal public scorn.” To even begin to list the amount of things that have happened since then would be a Hurculean effort. Umbrella smashing, head shaving, custody trials, lack of underwear, K-Fed’s “Lose Control”, Divorce (related??), etc. As Yogi Berra famously said, “Never count out an unstable starlet until it’s over.”



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