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Get your Hairy Monsters Straight!

March 27th, 2008 by · 8 Comments

Few things can bring a dignified cocktail party to a screeching halt like getting your Hairy Monsters mixed up. I can’t tell you the number of top shelf martini’s I’ve had spittaked on me by monocled members of the upper class, the number of country clubs I’ve been forcibly removed from, from a simple act of Hairy Monster confusion. But that was in the past. Now that I’ve straightened myself out, I am the one spittaking martinis all over the place and stamping “DENIED” on Ivy League admissions essays based on other simpletons Hairy Monster confusion. Let’s get started.


HERRY MONSTER – When you think of the phrase Hairy Monster, you’re likely thinking of Herry Monster. Please note the spelling. It’s incredibly important.


HARRY MONSTER, on the other hand, is the more obscure of the Hairy Monsters, but has the typical spelling. For those of you who are confused by the fact that this guy is never specifically referred to as Harry Monster by any of the adorable tykes/always available to chat grownups on Sesame Street, I direct you to his Muppet Wiki page (It’s like Wookiepedia for Muppets.) Harry can be seen here very confused at the Monster Disco. His idiocy may explain his failure to land bigger roles.


SULLY, despite being Hairy and resembling Herry, is not named Herry, Harry or Hairy. This is probably because the producers of Monsters Inc felt they were treading a thin enough line as it was.

That should clear everything up. For now.

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