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Rifftrax had nothing to do with this political ad.

March 28th, 2008 by · 42 Comments

You’d be excused for thinking otherwise, though.

Please enjoy these highlights:

    1) At 01:03 — older woman on left becomes transparent, literally, as her clothes blend in with green-screen background.

    2) At 01:27 — first appearance of floating John McCain head.

    3) At 01:41 — multiple McCain Dolls begin to pour down from the firmament.

    4) At 01:59 — lead singer begins to “wash” herself with John McCain. (Ewwww…)

    5) In general — the best damned musical performance yet by George Costanza’s mom.

My question to you, panel:

Is this in earnest, or an oddly hilarious satire? I honestly can’t tell.

(But let me respectfully ask that you not turn the discussion below into a political slugfest. There are much better sites for that, such as here. Thanks.)

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