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Ophidiophobics, do NOT read this.

March 29th, 2008 by · 30 Comments

    python 1

    PYTHON explains: “I was just looking for a TV Guide.”

This Annapolis, MD. website confirms what you’ve always known was true, deep down in your hearts: that giant snakes might emerge from your television any minute, without warning!!

    Python emerges from TV stand

    GLEN BURNIE – A woman was watching television in her Glen Burnie apartment Sunday when a large snake slithered out from behind her media stand, county police said.

    The woman told county Animal Control officers she was in her living room in the 8000 block of Green Orchard Road when the 3-foot snake came out.

    Officers found the snake in the living room.

    The woman said she’s lived in the apartment for two months and does not own the snake. Officers said they believe the snake must have been left behind by a previous tenant.

    The snake will remain at Animal Control in Millersville for five days to give its owner a chance to pick it up. If no one claims it, the snake will be sent to a rescue organization, officials said.

Yikes. That even sounds creepier than when the komodo dragon popped out of our china cabinet last May.

Really, these are the only pythons I want coming out of my TV:


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