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Help! I need your help!

April 26th, 2008 by · 30 Comments

I’ve been presented with a multi-million dollar opportunity to adapt the following 80s music video from Van Halen into a major motion picture!

But I don’t know what in blazes is going on here!! So please describe the story as succinctly as possible, so that even a slug-witted jamoke like myself can understand!!!

If you need me to add more exclamation points to underscore the urgency of this request, just say the word!!!!

I repeat, HELP!!!!!

[UPDATE Monday AM: Thank you, thank you for your excellent help. I think I can do this now. Look for the premiere of “MEET DAVE LEE ROTH” next summer.

The personal time machine winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon. Or in just a few minutes, if you feel like traveling ahead in your own p.t.m.]

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