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Introducing Chrysaor

April 28th, 2008 by · 10 Comments


Pegasus had a brother? Who knew! Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Chrysaor! The Frank Stallone of his time, Chrysaor sprung from Medusa’s neck after Perseus decapitated her, but for some reason is not a winged horse, but just some regular dude. While Pegasus achieved world wide fame including the Tri Star Pictures logo, and his own constellation, Chrysaor wallows in obscurity. He’s sure to top any hipster’s list of “underrated mythological characters”, based solely on the fact that they know about him and you don’t, so the next time you encounter a smug guy in a bar expounding on Chrysaor’s greatness, enjoy deflating them with a vicious “Oh sure, Chrysaor, married to Challirhoe, father of the three headed Geryon? I believe we can do a bit better than him, don’t you think?”

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