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Go, Indy

May 22nd, 2008 by · 18 Comments

mabel johnsonHistory abounds with fascinating examples of old people doing extraordinary things. There’s Buckminster Fuller. Who did something. When he was old, I think. Then there’s the singular case of Mabel Johnson who kept a coffee coupon in her squeezie coin purse for more than a decade before losing it somewhere on her way to an Old Country Buffet while listening to Paul Harvey. Other examples are admittedly harder to come by.

Being a rapidly aging person myself I tend to cheer for the elderly (though would it kill you to disengage the turn signal, you old bat? And Gramps – get the hats out of the back window of your car. Unless you got a license to run a haberdashery out of your ’92 Caprice.*) Which is why, despite our jabs at him (here, here, and here) I am rooting for Harrison Ford (though his crystal skull can go straight to hell. I never liked you, crystal skull.)

As for Sharpie LaBeef, I’m still mad about Transformers.

RaidersWebAnd if you come home from the show this weekend feeling nostalgic (don’t even pretend you’re not going to see it) take a look at our stab at the original.

*Parenthetical guest written by Don Rickles.

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