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Win Money! Do Our Work for Us!

May 23rd, 2008 by · 9 Comments

Here at RiffTrax Global Command Center it’s tough enough getting any work done ever since we instituted a dress code requiring all employees to wear 300 -style Leather Battle Panties.

Leather Battle Panties collage

(No, the women who work here are not required to wear them. Their dress code is slightly more modest:)


The problem is that on any given day more than a handful of workers will forget their capes meaning that all the focus goes to their Leather Battle Panties (see above.) To draw the eye away and provide a little cover, we’re planning on making a new T-shirt and we need your help. If you have a talent for design I urge you to put it to use and come up with something bold. If you win, we’ll feature it on the front and back of our (your) new shirt and give you a pile of prizes, too! The details are here.

Please, help minify the enervating effects of the L.B.P.s.


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