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A few larfs to ease you into your (abbreviated) work week.

May 26th, 2008 by · 58 Comments

I’ve been drinking straight rotgut bourbon since 6 AM this morning, so I’m not fit to do a blog post without slipping into drunken paranoia.

Allow me to take the lazy blogperson’s way out, then, and post someone else’s funny stuff. Here is, in my humble-yet-drunkenly-paranoiac opinion, one of the funniest scenes ever filmed. It’s not subtle, but…neither am I. (Unless someone’s been telling you I am subtle? And if so, WHO was it, for the love of God? And did they mention the Trilateral Commission, and /or Xenu?)

Ahem. Anyway:

What do you think are some of the funniest scenes ever, in les movies? I’ll try to find a few and post them here, if the Illuminati and the Freemasons don’t disappear me first. (Hic!)

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