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RIP, Harvey Korman

May 30th, 2008 by · 27 Comments

For those too young to remember, it’s impossible to overstate how beloved was Harvey Korman, particularly for his years on the hugely popular Carol Burnett Show and for his over-the-top turn in Blazing Saddles (and a few other Mel Brookes’ movies.) For my part, I remember him mostly for this, a (by modern standards shockingly slow) parody of Jaws. I guess it made such a huge impact because Jaws was my first solo movie when I was kid so seeing a parody of it was like opening a magical door to the world of good-natured mockery. I can’t really recommend you stick with the whole thing, but at 6:00 minutes you’ll see one of the classic Korman/Conway moments, in reaction to a line that would become a catch phrase in the Nelson house, or more accurately, a code phrase for the males, my two older brothers and (now late) father, one that baffled my mother.

He made a lot of people happy. God bless you Mr. Korman.

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