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Jackie Robinson Recites the Alphabet

June 3rd, 2008 by · 12 Comments

CBS attempted to one up ABC’s smash hit television special “James Earl Jones Recites Things” with their own special, “Jackie Robinson Recites Things.” Originally broadcast as a four hour mini-series and split up over the course of two nights, the show drew mostly dismal ratings, and many felt that Robinson’s performance was not up to part with James Earl Jones. Sports fans, however, were excited to see one of their heroes in a new context, and singled out his Alphabet Reciting as one of the key moments. Despite the low ratings, the concept was revised a year later in a pared down, hour long format for “Jackie Robinson Recites Things in Hawaii”, but aside from a flowered shirt, a lei and being shot on the beach, it was pretty much the same special, and resulted in several network executives losing their jobs.

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