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Do you want a Rifftrax live show in your neck of the woods?

June 19th, 2008 by · 62 Comments

This is just the beginning of the start of a possible exploration of a potential idea of something that may or may not happen, if the stars align and angels appear in the outfield.

…Is that vague and non-commital enough? Yes? Thank you.


But if you can forgive me for dumping a truckload of vagueness on you like this, here’s a place to start letting us know:

    Right HERE.

If you can’t forgive me… well, I understand. Joey Pants would never indulge such vagueness. (Unless you stole his hat, which might distract him…)

joe pantoliano1


UPDATE 6/22 by Bill: I posted this in the Rifftrax Forum under the same topic, and it applies here too:

    “Thank you for all the replies, ladies and gentlemen. I’ll occasionally be poking this thread with a stick, seeing if there’s any more life in it, and generally reminding you that a Rifftrax Live show in your neighborhood depends somewhat on your show of interest on the Eventful link.

    And that’s because if an oh-so-theoretical Rifftrax Live show is produced in conjunction with an equally-theoretical producing organization or space, a big show of interest in any particular geographic area will be good info to a shy (and at present, theoretical) producing partner.

    I know the vagueness is annoying, sorry. But that’s all we have at present: our chiseled good looks, and annoying vagueness.

    So please the link provided above to express your interest. It’s nice if you echo it here, but it doesn’t help much.

    Thanks, and also thank you.


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