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Dear Cinematic Titanic

June 24th, 2008 by · 105 Comments

TO: The Sailors upon the S.S. Cinematic Titanic

FROM: The Rifftrax landlubbers

RE: Things Riffological


    cinematic stones


Dear Joel, Josh, Trace, Mary Jo, Frank, and Anson Williams:

This is an open invitation to come riff with us. Any, or all of you; whenever mutually convenient. There will be snacks.

One of you has already done so. She even rejoined your august group for more of your own work, none worse for the wear. (We hope… But please do check with her.)

We tried to get a game going already, but to be fair… you needed to launch before doing anything else. And that you did, with great fanfare and success. Bravo, sirs. And lady.

Now that you’re very much afloat — we’d like you all to know, on the record*, that our door** is open. Come and play. We’re not going away anytime soon, and neither are you.

Shooting one of your episodes takes longer, with its visual component, we understand. But when your schedule lightens up, and you’re between shoots, come do a Rifftrax with us in the meantime. Any of you — even Mary Jo. (Really MJ, we’ll have an actual chair for you this time.) Lots of movies out there, lots of riffer combinations possible, and many schedule-friendly shorts still beg for riffing. We could even do a flash animation of some sort. It boggles the mind!

To repeat: there will be snacks. Of fairly decent quality. Not amazing, but really… fairly decent, all in all.

Life is too short to pretend that our fellow MST3K alums don’t exist. That might be awkward anyway, if we run into each other at some big event wearing the same outfit. (“Oh, you have an internet-based riffing thing these days, too? Hunh.”)

So please, come play.


Bill Corbett

on behalf of, Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Ted’s Famous Chicken Restaurant

Ted  the famous chicken

(* We don’t really have a “record.”)

(** We don’t really have a “door.”)


Ditto from me, you are all welcome. I would just like to add a clarification: the phrase “there will be snacks” should be taken in its most passive sense, i.e., “snacks will still exist”. You know, just in case we can’t afford to bring snacks.

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