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Point of sentimental privilege, please.

June 27th, 2008 by · 45 Comments

(Rises.) * Ahem. *

I understand that the video below has quickly gone mega-viral, and it’s already been seen by trillions of people — every one of them before me. So I’m not claiming to have discovered anything here, except perhaps rediscovering the fact that I’m often dead last in picking up on trends.

I’m a skeptic, not a cynic. I think I used to be a cynic, but I got better. Still, even as a proud skeptic, I can honestly tell you that the video below quickly brought tears to my eyes. And by the end I was blubbering like a toddler.

Why? Watch this if you haven’t seen it already, then please indulge me theorizing about my reaction — which was surprising.

Why did Bill weep?

Because it’s such a goofy dance the guy is doing. It’s downright silly. It’s early Steve Martin with the arrow in his head; it’s the Marx Brothers!

It’s the kind of manic, gleeful energy I see and love in my two young kids… and not incidentially, why I have embarked on a life of goofiness. I don’t know that I ever even intended to… but I really had no choice. Goofiness, joy, and hope are interrelated. I was pulled towards it. Thank God.

Jim Walsh of the MinnPost, where I first saw this video, said it very well:

    But this one is no YouTube vanity trip. This one is different. This one feels important, necessary, and artistic; it’s a concrete manifestation of the change that the world’s leaders have been preaching at a time when the human race could use a little pick-me-up, a little jig in its step.

    This one is a high-definition television commercial for hope.

I have nothing to add.

Except, um… bacon!

(runs away, hoping no one sees the cry-snot all over his shirt)

/ sentimental Corbett

[UPDATE Sunday PM: Peter Sagal, host of NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,” has informed me that he is IN the dance-a-riffic video above. I immediately assumed Peter was the impassive “Korean” guard in the DMZ (master of disguise, that Sagal), but apparently he’s part of that big crowd in Chicago, in front of the famous Bean.]

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