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Go Mom! (part 2)

July 23rd, 2008 by · 12 Comments

Ever the good son, Conor cheered on his mom in a post earlier today. (Wishing you victory in the photo contest, Mrs. ConorsMom. You’re going down, cute baby picture!!)

Made me feel a little guilty for not cheerleading my own mom here at the Rifftrax Blog. Though technically she now qualifies for senior discounts, Mom is still one of the most feared luchadoras on the planet.

I still don’t love your ring name “La Nazi,” Mom, but I love you. I’m sure the Rifftrax community joins me wishing you luck in your upcoming bout with Dark Angel. Remember to use the damned turnbuckle this time!

la Nazi vs. Dark Angel


(I apologize. Not just to my mother, but to mothers everywhere.

…Actually, not just to mothers everywhere, but to the abstract concept of motherhood. And since I probably dinged apple pie by association, apologies to apple pie.)

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