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Go Mom!

July 23rd, 2008 by · 32 Comments

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Clearly, I am a man who values his dignity.  But occasionally, under extraordinary circumstances, I’m willing to do something slightly foolish – as long as there’s a good reason. Be it raising money for charity, attending a costume party, or walking down the street dressed like an idiot to see what people do, some things are worth the trade off in your pride.  So I offer to you the following proposition:

conor jar jar

Above, the Jar Jar Binks t-shirt that my friend Andrew gave me before we went off to college.  Tye-dyed green, and featuring Jar Jar in a variety of hideous poses, it may be one of the worst clothing items ever produced.

Please, take a closer look:

jar jar shirt

My proposition is this:  My mom is a finalist in the Washingtonian Magazine photo contest.  Go vote for her here, it’s called “Hot Dogs and Baseball by Sandy Pugh”.  She’s currently in 2nd place, 27%, by a percentage point.  If we push her up into a comfortable enough lead, say, a ten point bump to 37%, I will wear the above shirt during all my comic-con comings and goings this year.  This includes our spectacular RiffTrax Live Plan 9 double show on Saturday night.  That’s right, I will put on the uniform of Sci-Fi’s most loathed character and descend into the belly of the beast.  The mocker will become the mocked.

But only if you vote for my mom!  And not that dad holding his adorable girl.  Screw them!

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