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We are at Comic-Con. God help us all.

July 24th, 2008 by · 30 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, today we get swallowed into the belly of the geek beast. No, not Harry Knowles. Comic-Con. (…Or, as the ancient Aztecs called it, “Kahmik-K’ahan.”)

    300 spartan

    COMIC-CON 2007: Kevin Murphy in Rifftrax-issued L.B.P.’s.

Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and myself will be at various places at various times signing stuff, drawing little doodles, and generally slacking off. Please bring us snacks.

On Friday night (a.k.a. “tomorrow night”) we’ll be goin’ all nostalgic on your collective posteriors, with the 20th anniversary MST3K panel. Our Rifftrax contingent will be there with the crew of Cinematic Titanic … plus MST3K writer / performers Bridget Nelson, Paul Chaplin, and producer Jim Mallon. We have a mere hour to sit in our rockers, smoke pipes, and recount the good old days, so don’t be late!

THEN on Saturday night we Rifftraxians perform two–count ’em–two shows, live-riffing Ed Wood’s classic PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE. Bela Lugosi, aliens, zombies, Tor Johnson, Vampira, PLUS a sexually repressed 1950s couple who live next to a graveyard? It doesn’t get any better.

…Unless there are snacks. Snacks make everything better. (I really can’t emphasize that enough.)

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