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Jar Jar Like Me

July 28th, 2008 by · 7 Comments

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Despite my mom’s Hot Dog picture getting destroyed in the voting by that happy-feeted sailor I still wore my Jar Jar Shirt downtown to our live show on Saturday. Throughout the whole experience, which was described by various friends of mine in attendance as a “laugh-o-rama”, “laughfest” and “this is what you do all day?”, I kept forgetting that I was wearing the hideous shirt.  Stepping out on the street, or into a nearby bar, or into the lobby to converse with our CEO who introduced me to his wife for the first time, quickly snapped me back to reality.  People stared.  You could see them mouth the unmistakable syllables “Jar Jar.”  A few clever people shouted “Hey, Jar Jar!”  They were, of course, mocking me, and I did not have a response readied.  It occurred to me early on that these people had no reason to believe that I wasn’t serious in my shirt wearing.  It was comic-con after all, and this guy was walking around town:

(picture stolen from here)

The best way to describe the experience would be with this classic Eddie Murphy SNL sketch, where he decides to go undercover as a white person.  All of a sudden he’s treated completely differently, and only he knows that nothing about him has actually changed.  Nothing this drastic occurred to me, of course, but even feeling the slightest bit scorned by the average comic con attendee was enough to open my eyes.  Have a watch below:

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