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July 30th, 2008 by · 35 Comments

“Bad Song of the Week” has been away for several, on summer vacation from bleeding ears. We now bring it back as my bad-savvy niece Laurel (and now several of you) continue to supply us with what’s the worst of the latest and the latest of the worst. This week:

RAY J (Featuring Yung Berg) SEXY CAN I



In which the timeless question is asked: “Sexy, Can I?” to which the timeless answer is “No, Creepy, you can’t, and if you try, I’m pulling out my pepper spray.” In the video a young man with a very nice baseball cap and his friend wax rhapsodic over the way that a woman moves her body, and ask, politely, if they can do all manner of filthy things to her. “Sexy Can I” has almost everything a bad song needs – cars, jewelry, women with preternaturally large butt cheeks and plenty of bling. The only thing keeping this from being a Kid Rock song is the presence of melody and the absence of a dwarf.

If you have a nominee for Bad Song of the Week, let us have it! Submit it in the comments area here. We only ask that your song be commercially available and not jammed with obscenities.

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