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Run Free, Montauk Monster Meme!

August 1st, 2008 by · 10 Comments

Garfield - Garfield + Monster

I’m delighted to have been present for the birth of a new internet meme, the whimsical Montauk Monster. This little guy is so easy to Photoshop, and soon he’ll infect the current news cycle with his pointlessness. it was mere hours before Christopher Price sent up this Garfield minus Garfield Plus Monster . What’s next?

mac monster

The above illustration is meant to get you folks started. So go forth, people! Find! Create! Point to! Let’s give this little guy the web-wide celebrity he deserves!

**Conor Adds**

They’ve changed it already, but earlier today Senator Robert Byrd’s homepage looked quite different…

Montauk Monster Home Page

**One More**

Family Circus Montauk Monster

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