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BAD SONG OF THE WEEK: Deluxe Edition Volume 1

August 6th, 2008 by · 61 Comments

It was easy to focus on Devendra Banhart as bad artist of the week; his songs could fill out an entire calendar. But to pick one single song as our week’s portion of yuck was excruciating. Witness for example one of his signature songs, performed here on Jools Holland’s show. Enjoy the poncho.

Now you can see why this is difficult. For those of you unfamiliar with Devendra, and who perhaps out of sheer perverseness want to know more, suffice it to say that he has taken the Hippy mantle onto himself, having been born fully bearded and with a voice like an infant being burped. His song styling may remind one of a somewhat more talented Vincent Gallo, and he has a penchant for performing in his underpants, which is just fine if you’re Flea, but not if you’re infested with them.

Generally Devendra excretes his own compositions, but to get to the heart of true badness, we need look no further than his live rendition of George Gershwin’s best-known composition.


I could only make it through three minutes of this before I was taken with the overwhelming urge to push everybody involved down and set fire to the stage. it was the guy in the cape, satin underpants and Buster Browns that got to me. See how far you can make it and report back.

As always, we encourage you to submit your nominations for our Bad Song of the Week, so long as it’s commercially available, not filthy, and not yours. Unless you happen to be Adam Duritz.

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