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Money for nothing, Sexman for free

August 11th, 2008 by · 27 Comments

It’s been six months since I made the business deal of a lifetime, snatching up the domain name to document the ongoing genius of everyone’s favorite vulgar Canadian pre-teen.  My motives were based on more than just admiration for the man though.  I had a google adsense account with $82 in it from my days of having a personal blog that I needed to get up to $100 before they would send me a check.  I figured that hitching my wagon to the inevitable meteoric rise of The Sexman would be a good way to eventually see that money.

It’s going about as well as expected.  Since the website lauched in the beginning of February, the clicks have poured in, netting me a cold hard, $7.55 (more than a dollar per month!)  The man himself linked to it on his youtube page, calling it “his official website”, not stopping to question: A) how this website sprung up to catalogue his videos or B) who on earth would create such a site.  Sending him messages on youtube received no response.

Traffic hit an all time high last Wednesday, with the announcement that Pruane2 was finally getting braces. 185 people flocked to the site. Come and see me in March 2009 people.  Drinks will be on me and my $100 check.

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