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Schnappi in English on the Ukelele

August 12th, 2008 by · 9 Comments

My friend Richard is spending several months traveling over in Europe, and has been spending the past few weeks visiting relatives in Germany.  Needless to say, his young cousins were amazed with his shocking familiarity with Schnappi, and even more amazed that he had friends at home who were asking him to bring back any and all Schnappi merchandise he could find.

In his research, Richard stumbled across this video.  The mans choice of attire and choice of song can’t possibly be a coincidence, so I ask you, if you happen to be reading right now, to come forth you mysterious MST3K fan!  Identify yourself and claim credit for your masterful English language rendition of Schnappi with Ukelele accompaniment! (a command given for the first time ever in history)

Maybe the offer of free RiffTrax can entice him out of his lair of anonymity?

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