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SONG FU! First songs are up.

August 21st, 2008 by · 48 Comments

songfu 1

Our first single as the, um, RiffTones!

Ken Plume at Quick Stop Entertainment gave out the assignment, then we and our estimable opponents had one week to write and record a song. Our challenge, terrifying in both its specificity and lack thereof: write a song about the moon.

And bless us, for once we didn’t sing about people flashing heinies out car windows. Instead — a nice, dignified-but-uptempo number about severe alcoholism. Oh, and the moon. Give it a listen here:


A Trip to the Moon

Our challengers for this round, Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm both brought Fu of most excellent quality to this challenge. Lordy, they’re talented. All of the songs can be found here:

Masters of Song Fu

Vote for whoever you think deserves the prize this round, but please keep in mind that my dog needs a lot of dental work. Not saying it’s connected, but… it might be, who knows. You never know, you know?

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