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Pitt! Clooney! The “Yes I Am” Guy!

August 26th, 2008 by · 15 Comments

While we were working on our latest Riff of Ocean’s 11, the nagging thought that I had seen the guy who plays obligatory Techno-nerd Livingston Dell before.

livingston dell

Turns out that he was the star of one of Bud Light’s famous early 90’s ad campaigns, the “Yes I Am” guy:

This was a simpler time, when a catch phrase from a beer commercial could truly sweep our nation, including myself, an innocent 14 year old at the time. President Bill Clinton even filmed promos for the NCAA basketball tournament, stating his affirmative intentions to be in attendance at the tourney.

The hated foreign owned company that is Budweiser hasn’t launched a catchphrase into the stratosphere since the deplored “Wazzzzzzup”, but we can all have fond memories of “Yes I Am” and “I Love You Man”.

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