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August 26th, 2008 by · 47 Comments

I’ve always thought that the South American capybara is underrated as a potential pet. It’s the world’s largest rodent, for one thing, and that’s not something you get with every rodent. (To those with non-rodent pets: I won’t even pretend to understand you.)

Oh sure, you can think of capybara as giant rats if you must. My wife does, and her prejudice is the only thing keeping me from ditching it all to start a huge capybara farm. ($ Ka-CHING!! $)


But honestly, there’s an excellent case to be made for these noble beasts as pets:

    — According to the infallible Wikipedia, “Capybaras are gentle and will usually allow humans to pet and hand-feed them.” Awwww.

    — They’re herbivores, and eat mostly grass. ‘Bye lawnmower!

    — They allegedly taste like pork. ‘Bye house pigs!

    — You can brag to friends that you own a giant rat.

As a future owner / breeder / advocate for capybara and capybara-related products, though, I do mourn the passing of the capybara’s direct ancestor which walked the earth four millions years ago.

giant capybara

They weighed over a ton, and were bigger than bulls: 10 feet long, 5 feet high and just to top it off — foot-long teeth. So they ate a lot of grass, and tasted like a lot of pork.

While I’ll never own these beautiful ancient behemoths (unless certain experiments I’m running produce the hoped-for miracle), I can console myself by hugging and/ or or eating my many, many modern capybaras.

Awwwww! (And yum!)



[P.S. For further reading on the subject of giant rats, try HERE.]

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